1️⃣Understand the tech

Assumed audience: You’re a product manager working on an LLM powered feature. You’re familiar with how LLMs work. Use this as a starting point to think about the problems that LLMs are best suited to solve, and to start experimenting with these solutions.

👋 Introduction

Large Language Models provide a way for computers to understand natural human language and respond meaningfully. This was not possible prior to 2022.

1️⃣ Understand the tech

Think of LLMs as small reasoning engines rather than as a magical black box to throw stuff into. The small reasoning engine approach makes it reliable, reduce hallucinations and reduce cost of operation as well.

Try not to misuse the LLM - like don’t answer someone’s birthday using an LLM just because you can. Using an LLM for it is less reliable and more expensive than querying a database.

2️⃣ Further reading

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