2️⃣How to design discovery for support

👋 Introduction

Getting this right will reinforce the user’s trust in your product. If Support is hard to access in a moment of frustration for the user, you risk losing the user.

1️⃣ App level

Make it easy to find

This doesn’t have to be an area to innovate.

  1. Mobile: Place it in your Profile settings.

  2. Web: Make it a floating action button, place it in a sidebar, or in the top right hand—any place visible to the user regardless of what screen they’re on.

Use recognisable icons

Use icons that correspond to the type of Support you’re offering.

2️⃣ Feature level

Identify features where a user is likely to require Support

  1. Time-sensitive actions (Eg: UPI payment)

  2. Actions that trigger background operations (Eg: Food delivery)

More examples: shopping online, making payments to peers/merchants, scheduling accommodation, making travel bookings, and hailing rides.

Use the context you already have about this feature to narrow down the issue more quickly.

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