👋 Introduction

We sign legal agreements with clients to assure them that we won’t talk in public about the work we’ve done with these clients, without their explicit consent. This document explains in detail the expectations of those agreements and consequences of breaching them.

1️⃣ Expectations of an NDA

We sign strict non-disclosure agreements with our clients.

These agreements are a legally binding promise that employees of Obvious will not share anything about the client. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Name of the company

  • Details of the project we are working on

    • Name of the project

    • Standard operating procedures

    • Problem statement

    • Designs, concepts, plans, proposals, assets, and any documentation

    • Business goals

    • Project costs and budgets

    • Outcomes of the project

  • Metrics and statistics about current or past projects

  • Any projects we hear about during the course of our client-consultancy relationship, even if we are not directly involved with that project

  • Any discussions held before, during or after the project

If someone discloses anything about a client and/ or our work with them, it’s considered a breach of contact.

2️⃣ Consequences of breaching an NDA

Here is what will happen if there is a breach of contract:

  • Immediate termination from Obvious, with the cause for termination i.e. NDA violation clearly documented on your record. This will affect background checks when applying for future roles at other companies.

    • Note: The termination cause is kept confidential in normal exit scenarios. This is not a normal exit scenario.

  • Notification to the client about the breach of contract, including details of the person and the immediate action taken.

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